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Design as Oxygen

2018.02.27, Piotr Hojda

wykład gościnny
wtorek | 06-03-2018 | godz. 13:15 | sala 108

Zapraszamy na spotkanie z prof. Nikola Knezevicem z Belgradu.
Wykład poprzedza warszataty projektowe, które prof. Knezevic będzie prowadził na Wydziale Form Przemysłowych dla studentów 3 roku.

Design as Oxygen
The lecture will show the design approach, thinking and development of products through a number of case study examples. Presentation will incorporate products in serial production and design concepts. Major focus will be placed on views on design.
From the beginning of conscious existence, by shaping his surroundings, man has actually been shaping himself. As a result of his striving to explore and adjust, reform of the human environment became a faster process of evolution that is now running in both directions.
Design is a creative act where all the creative potentials are focused on finding out about a specific need and ways for its satisfaction. To solve problems, the designer must be aware of and well ac­quainted with the multiple functional aspects of the object he is dealing with. Although industrial design leans and depends on industry and technology, it is increasingly becoming a tool for strong artistic expression as well as a stage for experimenting with diverse concepts and ideas. Multiplicity and accessibility of different production techniques open endless possibilities for sending out per­sonal messages through a functional object, which thus becomes much more than just an object in space or a useful piece of material. Through that product the message becomes clearer, evolving to such a dominant force that it often blurs and obscures the main function. Complete interactivity between man and object provides us with the unique experience of feeling it with all our senses, and it thus becomes the ultimate art form.

Nikola Knezevic (1973) is a Serbian-born product designer, based in Belgrade, Serbia. He specializes in the research and development of advanced and innovative ideas and concepts in industrial design.
He is best known for electronics, furniture, lighting, consumer products, objects from glass and ceramics... and is particularly associated with manufacturers Korato, Nikola Design & Technology and Buck, but he also worked for Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Toshiba, Polaroid, B&W, Motech, MIkroelektronika.
Knezevic gained a BS degree in Industrial Design at Faculty of Applied Art and Design in Belgrade in 1998. In 2007 he gained a Masters degree in design at the Faculty of Applied Art and Design in Belgrade, under Serbian designer Professor Dusan Vuksan. He first came to public view in 1997 as the creator of the “Track lamp,” made of flexible wires. The Track lamp was exhibited in Osaka’s Koizumi Exhibition.
Many of his designs were awarded at most influential design competitions such as Braun Design Competition Frankfurt, Germany, (Solar lap top)  LG Electronics Design Competition Seoul, Korea (Pacer – sound making suit), IF Design, Hanover,(Solar street lamp) ID Annual Design Competition, New York (Solar street concept) as well as at Japan Design Competition, Osaka (Solar street concept). In several occasions Nikola spent time in Japan studying and training in design discipline and working on various projects related to electronics, furniture, lighting equipment and art concepts.
Nikola was selected into best 100 designers of today by TASCHEN design editors Peter and Charlotte Fiell and several of his designs are published in their book on industrial design titled Design Now! His works are also published in Ecodesign by Silvia Barbero and Brunella Cozzo (publisher h.f. Ullmann), Panorama Design 2009/2010 by APCI/Arhibooks, CRAZY TECH Olo Editions.
Nikola Knezevic was selected as one of 40 best European designers under 40 by The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies for the year 2010.
Since 2002 Nikola Knezevic has been working as a professor at Belgrade Faculty of applied art.

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